WiseFire Weatherproof 1-Gal Bucket Fuel Supply

Perfect grab and go bucket for emergency preparedness!

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  • WiseFire 1-gallon bucket fuel supply or optional fire starter
  • Lightweight grab and go bucket
  • Can boil approx. 60 cups of water
  • Weatherproof-- lights easily in wind, rain, snow or sleet
  • Natural formulation of recycled wood pellets
  • Environmentally friendly formula
  • Human-friendly-- does not contain any harmful chemicals or vapors
  • Lights without a fuss
  • Safe formulation with no risk of unexpected flare-ups
  • Ash residue works as natural fertilizer for the earth
  • Shelf life of 25 years (store in cool, dry place for best results)

When going camping, hiking, backpacking or on any outdoor adventure, you need to have a fire to heat food or cook small meals. What better than to have a grab-and-go bucket of eco-friendly firestarter that stacks neatly almost anywhere? This WiseFire 1-gallon bucket is just what you would need. It is the ultimate solution for emergency preparedness while being a convenient fuel option for outdoor activities. The fuel lights within seconds and works perfectly in rain, wind, snow or sleet. It is an environment-friendly alternative as it does not contain harmful chemicals nor does it release threatening vapors. The ash from the fire, works as a natural fertilizer for the earth. So it is not only harmless for humans but is also beneficial for the earth. With a shelf life of 25 years, it's a great idea to keep a stock of this WiseFire buckets around for any unexpected emergency. Store the fuel in a cool dry place for it to last as said. This one gallon bucket is sufficient for boiling up to 60 cups of water. All you need to do is use a cup scoop of WiseFire and light it up, stirring from time to time to make the fire last longer.

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