Wise 4320-Serving Breakfast & Entree Emergency Food Supply

Be prepared for the worst for yourself and your family!

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  • Eliminates need to "stock up" just before impending weather or disaster hits
  • 25-year shelf life with proper storage
  • Nutritious and delicious single servings
  • 1440 breakfast servings and 2880 entrée servings stored in 36 buckets
  • Note: Due to the nature of this product, we will not accept any returns if food packets have been opened.
  • Note: Kit ships directly from manufacturer due to sensitive food material and prep times. Please allow 4-5 WEEKS for delivery.

The 4320-Serving Breakfast and Entrée Emergency Food Kit will enable you to survive the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes. These natural disasters can limit your ability to grocery shop or eat at a restaurant, which makes the emergency food kit ideal to have on hand. Just pull the compact emergency food kit out of its cool, dry storage space and you will be eating ready-made meals within minutes. The food will stay fresh for up to 25 years if stored in temperatures around 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The food buckets can conveniently be used for other survival purposes, such as digging, hauling water or disposing of waste after the food is consumed.

  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini servings
  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Savory Stroganoff servings
  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Chili Macaroni servings
  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Pasta Alfredo servings
  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Tomato Basil Soup servings
  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Teriyaki and Rice servings
  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Cheesy Lasagna servings
  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Ala King and Rice servings
  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Hearty Tortilla Soup servings
  • Two hundred & eighty-eight (288) Cheesy Macaroni servings
  • Four hundred & eighty (480) Apple Cinnamon Cereal servings
  • Four hundred & eighty (480) Crunchy Granola servings
  • Four hundred & eighty (480) Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain Cereal servings
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