Streetwise™ Safe-T-Shirt Ballistic Plate Carrier w/ Holster 2XL

Fits like a normal shirt, but contains pockets for ballistic plates!

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  • Carrier pockets on the front and rear for holding ballistic plates (not included, see accessories)
  • Fits soft plates up to 11" x 14" in size
  • Strategically placed plate pockets protect your vital organs
  • Dual holsters for ambidextrous use
  • Dual magazine holders located with the dual holsters
  • Holsters are designed to fit most handguns
  • Compression shirt can discreetly conceals plates & handguns
  • Made of 15% spandex & 85% polyester giving it maximum comfort and breathability
  • Built to stretch and release moisture to decrease heat
  • Material also provides UV protection from the sun
  • NOTE: Does NOT include a ballistic plate. Must be purchased separately. Purchase ONLY comes with the shirt.

The Streetwise™ Safe-T-Shirt is a sleekly designed compression shirt that provides comfort, breathability and moisture control in the hottest environments. On top of that, the shirt has a rear and front carrier pocket designed for holding soft ballistic plates (not included, see accessories) to discreetly provide bullet resistant protection to vital organs. Additionally, each side of the shirt has a handgun holster that fits most handguns and magazine pockets that provided a concealed carry option for both right and left-handed individuals. This shirt has been designed to easily be worn as an undershirt for hidden protection with a comfortable, yet durable spandex and polyester blend. That is why the Streetwise™ Safe-T-Shirt is perfect for military, law enforcement or even everyday citizens looking for added protection in their day-to-day lives.

  • Ballistic Safe-T-Shirt 2XLarge

The Ballistic Protection Levels are as follows:

Level 1: (High) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets. This is a good entry level for if you're concerned about safety and want a baseline of protection, however level 1 will not stop higher caliber rounds so if those are a concern for you this might not be what you need.

Level 2A: (Higher) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets but offers up a little extra protection against .40 S&W rounds. Still, a low-level protection but is passable for whatever needs you have if you're not very concerned.

Level 2: (Higher) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets, .40 S&W and with the additional power to stop a .357 magnum round. This is where things start to go from casual protection to serious stopping power.

Level 3A: (Highest) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets, .40 S&W, .357 magnum, and the high powered .44 magnum used famously in the movie Dirty Harry. High-level protection from most handguns.

Level 3: (Highest) Protects from 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets, .40 S&W, .357 magnum, .44 magnum, .223 hollow point, 7.62 NATO and lastly 5.56 JHP. This is real protection, 5.56 and .223 are the most common rounds for the AR platform rifles with the 7.62 NATO being the most common round for the AK-47.

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