SecureGuard Battery Powered Outlet Spy Camera 720p HD DVR

Remote control allows you to switch between motion and continuous capture!

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  • Non-Functional Power outlet with hidden DVR camera, white color
  • Records video in 720p HD at 30 FPS
  • Wall-mount outlet
  • The included remote allows you to switch capture modes
  • Records video onto an included 16GB Micro SD Card
  • Tamper resistant body
  • Time/date stamp
  • ABS housing
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows (up to Windows 8)
  • Note: Not a functioning power outlet.
  • Note: Must create a cutout in a wall to install

This power outlet look-a-like resembles any other outlet of its kind, but instead of providing electricity it provides security. Records for 15 hours on a single charge in the continuous recording mode or for up to one month using the motion detection mode. Remote control allows you to switch between motion and continuous capture modes. With a hidden DVR camera inside all you need to do for easy surveillance is install it in any old outlet location in a house and office and no one will know the difference. The hidden pinhole camera can quietly record video or take photos without suspicion. Recording for later viewing can also be done with the motion detection mode. Every time the sensor detects movement, recording is activated and video is stored onto the included 16GB Micro SD Card. 

  • SecureGuard Battery Powered Outlet Spy Camera
  • Battery Charger
  • 16GB SD Card
  • TV Out Cable
  • Programming Remote control
  • Instruction Booklet  
  • Camera Lens: 4.3mm Color CMOS 1MP Pinhole Lens
  • Quality: 720p HD
  • Minimum Lux (light): 0.5
  • Resolution: 1280x720 HD Quality
  • Frame rate: 30FPS
  • Recording Mode: PIR Thermal Motion Detection
  • Storage Mode: Micro SD Cards
  • Recording Length: 3 minutes per clip or per motion
  • Recording Cycle: Auto-Recycle (deletes oldest clip)
  • Battery life: 1 month standby in armed mode. 15 hours Continued activity time.
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