SABRE® 360° Motion Detector Ceiling Alarm 120dB

Convenient remote turns alarm on and off and sets alarm mode!

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Item No: ${currentVariant.sku} Brand: sabre®
  • Wireless motion detector alarm
  • Looks like smoke detector
  • Monitors 360°
  • Senses motion up to 20 feet away
  • Convenient remote turns alarm on and off
  • Adjustable alarm modes
  • Pleasant visitor chime alerts when movement is sensed
  • Piercing continuous 120dB siren warns of unauthorized access
  • Entrance and exit delay for entering and leaving without triggering alarm
  • Detects motion within 20 feet
  • Mounts easily in minutes with no wires to run
  • Requires (3) AA batteries (not included, see Accessories)
  • 90 Day Warranty

This alarm from SABRE® looks like a standard smoke detector, though any intruder will be surprised to find that instead of notifying of a fire, this alarm sounds a piercing 120dB siren when motion is detected within 20 feet. The included remote control allows for the alarm to be turned on or off and switches between the two alarm modes. The sensor can emit a pleasant chime or a constant loud alarm, perfect for notifying of movement in a room or for alerting the presence of an intruder. The remote also sets an entry or exit delay, preventing false triggers. The 360° viewing angle is sure to catch any movement below when this device is mounted on the ceiling.

  • Remote control


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Art McEwan

I recently bought two different home security motion detectors. I use them as an alarm, NOT for a room entry "chime" mode. I suspected (for various reasons) that one of them would be OK and the other would not. I was right. The ones that I bought are: - US Patrol JB5532, and - Sabre HS-MSCA When I got the Sabre and US Patrol detectors, I put in fresh batteries. To test them out I put them in a closet and activated them, and shut the door. That way there would be nothing to trigger them. After a couple of weeks, the results? The US Patrol JB5532 falsely triggers and goes off on its' own. (I suspected it would.) When it happened I checked the batteries to make sure that they were still OK. If you were not at home when this happened your neighbors would **** you. The cost of the item versus what it would cost in postage to return it make it not worth the trouble. It needs to be removed from the catalog. - The Sabre HS-MSCA seems to work so far. (I suspected that it would.) So why did I mention the packaging similarities, and order two different types of detectors? Background: Years ago I bought a couple of no longer available Intermatic SP-310's. They worked flawlessly until recently (after about 15+ years) one of them started to falsely trigger at random. The package style is real similar to the Sabre HS-MSCA. Several years ago I also bought a couple of (probably no longer made) different motion detectors. It is difficult to tell who actually made them, either: - Carlon HS4370D, or - Dimang HS43XXRX. Their package style is real similar to the US Patrol JB5532. I suspect (but cannot prove) that most of these items are passed on over the years from one manufacturer to another. Any design flaws get passed on, too. So far, my gut feel has proven right. Bottom line: - US Patrol HB5532, skip it. - Sabre HS-MSCA, give it a try.

Richard Hayward

Jeffrey Harris


James J. Bilenki Jr. USN. Ret


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