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OWL™ Open Window for Life Emergency Escape Tool

Breaks windows outward in emergencies with little force required!

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Item No: os 1 Brand: owl safety innovations llc
  • Unique design that is not big and bulky
  • No moving parts makes it sleek and easy to use 
  • OWL card works as a big spring, using the principles of physics to not require brute force to work
  • 5 times more powerful than spring  loaded tools
  • Simply works with a flick of a finger 
  • Made to break windows outward and away from you
  • Has an integrated seat belt cutter that can be quickly accessed
  • Comes with holder that discreetly sticks to visors or cell phone cases 
  • Made in the USA.

The OWL Open Window for Life™ escape tool is the perfect item to carry in your car. By simply inserting the device into the crack between the window and the door frame of your car, you can effortlessly break the window in an emergency. It uses the basic principles of physics, so brute force is not required. It simply takes a flick of the finger and the glass will safely break outwards and away from you. It also has a subtle built-in seat belt cutter for added safety. Plus, it is sleek and lightweight and comes with a holder that makes it easy to attach to visors or even to cell phone cases. This discreet emergency tool just might save your life one day.

  • One (1) OWL Open Window for Life™ escape tools
  • One (1) Holders w/ adhesive backs

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This is no doubt the best window breaker I have ever used. I have been a truck driver for over eighteen years and spend too many hours behind the wheel. I tested this card out as soon as I got my hands on it on an old car at my brother's garage. We broke all 4 tinted windows by sticking the card in the rubber strip at the top and also the side of the window, this baby worked in a split second! The seat belt cutter works like a champ, sliced through the belts super easy. Keeping these on my driver side visor and the passenger side too.

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