Lifeline® 48-Hour Emergency 20-Piece Survival Case

Single person essential 48-hour disaster kit in durable bag!

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Item No: 4271 Brand: lifeline
  • Durable and lightweight hand-carry bag
  • 20-piece essential survival kit

Being prepared for an emergency in advance is the best way to survive a major crisis. It is advisable to always carry a survival kit with you when taking an adventure trip. If you are roughing it up in the wild and need to keep lightweight, this basic survival kit is what you need. Comprising of basic essentials, this 20-piece kit can keep you going for at least 48-hours. It comes in a compact-size, lightweight and durable bag, which can be hand carried or slipped into a backpack as desired.

  • Eight (8) Pouches drinking water
  • One (1) 2400 Calorie food bar
  • One (1) Dust protection mask
  • One (1) Emergency whistle
  • One (1) Reflective blanket
  • One (1) Poncho
  • Two (2) Hand warmers
  • One (1) "Call 911" flag
  • One (1) Glow stick
  • One (1) Instant fire lighter
  • One (1) Can opener
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