Lifeline® 13-Piece Portable Waterproof Survival Kit

Portable 13 piece survival kit with essential tools!

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  • Portable 13 piece outdoor survival kit has carabineer clip for easy carry
  • Waterproof ABS case for all weather conditions

This portable 13 piece survival kit comes in great handy in a crisis that one may suddenly encounter on an outdoor activity. The compact case can easily be carried inside a bag or simply be clipped on to the bag exterior via the carabineer clasp on the box top. It contains essential tools that can be very useful if you get stuck in an unexpected situation, where help cannot get to you immediately. The transparent ABS case is available in a choice of colors. It is waterproof and can withstand any weather condition. Durable and well-stocked, this survival kit makes an ideal buy for adventurers, hikers, campers and anyone who loves to explore the wild.

  • Five (5) 3/4" x 3" first aid bandage
  • One (1) Aluminium flashlight
  • One (1) Standard AAA battery
  • One (1) Whistle
  • One (1) Candle
  • One (1) Multi-tool kit
  • One (1) Instant fire lighter
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