KeyGuard Portable Keypad Lock Box Key Safe XL

Larger key safe stores up to 8 keys including access cards!

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  • Extra large realtor key shackle lock box
  • Long-lasting vinyl-coated protective metal casing
  • Bigger storage space for up to 8 keys including fobs and access cards
  • Great for real estate professionals & families alike
  • Phone-like keypad for creating secure code
  • Thousands of combinations possible with letters and numbers
  • Clearly visible push buttons
  • Separate shackle lock inside to prevent removal of lock box
  • 1-Year Warranty

This convenient lock box is large enough to hold not one key but up to 8 keys and fobs as well as access cards, or whatever else might need secure storing outside your house. It comes well-shielded in a sturdy exterior case with padlock like shackle feature that can be locked separately for added security. The shackle allows the lock box to be fixed securely to a door knob or hook.

The keypad on the lock box lets you create a strong combination code to securely lock the box and keep keys from being stolen. Letters and numbers can be used to create numerous combinations. However, you must have a code that is easy to remember yet difficult for others to crack. The punch buttons are large and clearly marked for ease of use.

A protective case keeps the key-holding interior safe and protected especially when it has to be left outside the house. The lock box is a perfect key accessory to have at home. It not only keeps your keys organized, but also easy to find and keep safe. The easy to use keypad lets even children unlock the box with the right code.

A more compact shackle model is also available, as well as a wall-mount version (see Similar).

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