Hollon PM-5826C TL-15 Rated Dial Lock Fireproof Safe

TL-15 rated safe that will withstand forest fire temperatures!

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  • NOTE: There is currently a 5-9 day lead time on all Hollon safes
  • External safe is able to withstand heat up to 1750° F, approximately the strength of a forest fire
  • TL-15 rated for safe with a TL-30 attitude, surpasses any other TL-15 model gone through testing
  • Comes standard with a dial lock
  • On detecting tampering tempered glass re-locker will engage
  • Hard-plate structure fortified from fire retardant concrete
  • Pre-drilled hole to secure safe to the floor is provided
  • Concrete door 5.2" thick and fire retardant
  • Concrete walls 3.4" thick also fire retardant
  • Exterior measures 63" x 33" x 26.5"
  • Interior measures: 58" x 26" x 18.5"
  • Weighs 2380 lbs.
  • Note: Takes 2-3 weeks to ship

The Hollon PM-5826 has come to change how you view security. Security on this hard-plate model comes standard in its dual dial locks that provide TL-15 level security. For your convenience one of these locks Can also be changes to an electronic keypad. This Fire and Burglary proof model is designed for all your commercial or residential needs. With its 63"x33"x26.5 size, it has a lot of rooms for storing the things that are precious to you. There are 4 adjustable shelves also to allow you the freedom to store items as you wish. The TL-15 rating on this safe is a great standard to look on when getting a safe. In fact it has been tested to stand up to fires hotter than that of a forest fire. That is some serious protection for your valuables. Bring anything you have to it, sledgehammer, pick - axe, brute force lock picking techniques, nothing will get past the mastery that is crafted into this safe. In fact, the glass re-locker will lock all vandals out, even before the anchor.

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