Haven™ Mech Popup Door Lock Barrier Bar Black 30''

Military-grade, EZ install door lock barrier is 10x stronger than deadbolts!

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  • This durable wedge barrier is 10x stronger than the average deadbolt
  • Normal deadbolt locked doors give way after 3 kicks
  • Haven™ Mech's wedge barrier can withstand over 50 kicks and not give way 
  • It flexes with the attacks to the door to absorb the force of them 
  • Made from military-grade stitched nylon, steel and industrial-strength DuPont™ Delrin® plastic
  • User-friendly and intuitive design 
  • Lock by simply stepping on the manual pedal 
  • Quickly unlock it by stepping on top of the barrier gate
  • The foot pedal is childproof because it requires the weight of an adult to activate it 
  • Easy to unlock in case of an emergency
  • Tamper-proof metal guard stops would be intruders from disengaging it from the outside 
  • Brushed metal black finish increases traction and reduces smudging
  • Installation is quick and easy and directions can be found here http://install.havenlock.com/
  • Haven™ Mech underwent longevity testing with industrial robots to ensure lifetime use
  • Made in the USA in Tennessee by a Veteran owned company
  • Weight: 5.7 lbs.
  • Open Gate Dimensions: 11" long x 1.75" tall
  • Total Dimensions: 30" x 4" x 0.8"
  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Note: HAVEN only works on doors that open inward and does not currently support doors that open to the exterior.
  • Note: HAVEN is 0.8 inches high and fits in the clearance path of most modern doors. A regular USD Nickel is perfect for gauging the gap. Stand an nickle on its end and make sure that it can pass under your door.
  • Note: HAVEN needs to sit firmly on a hard/clean surface; i.e wood, vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, concrete, etc.

Question:   What is the number one way a bad guy breaks into your house?

Answer:      They kick in your front or side door.

Did you know that every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed and that 2.5 million+ home breakins are committed each year. Police report that over half of all break-ins occur by simply kicking in the front or side door. If you examine what stands between you and your door being kicked in, it is a thin section of wood that even an average kick will break. Hardly seems like adequate protection. That is why the Haven™ Mech door barrier was created. Made from military-grade nylon, steel and industrial-strength plastic, the Haven Mech flexes when attacked to adsorb the force and can take over 50 kicks and not give way. With a quick and user-friendly installation, the door wedge gate of this device will ensure you are safe and secure in your own home or office. Once installed, it takes just a quick step on the manual pedal to pop the gate into place. When you want to disable it, just press down on the gate with your foot. Additionally, it requires the weight of a full grown adult to trigger it, so it is pet and childproof. It is easy to unlock in case of an emergency too because it was made with building codes in mind. Also, its brushed metal black finish increases traction and reduces smudging on your floor and door. On top of that, the Haven Mech was made in the USA by a Veteran owned company and underwent vigorous longevity tests using industrial robots to ensure that it can last a lifetime of use and provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Haven™ Mech Popup Door Lock Barrier Bar 30''

  • Haven™ Mech Door Barrier
  • Template/Spacer
  • Six (6) installation screws
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