Fake Gunk Motor Engine Flush Secret Stash Diversion Can Safe

Unscrew the bottom to hide valuables in a 3” x 3.62” compartment!

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  • Fake Weighted Gunk Motor Flush Secret Compartment Diversion Can Safe
  • Hidden stash compartment made from a motor flush can
  • Unscrew the bottom to reveal the storage space
  • Hides valuables in plain sight
  • Has a genuine look and feel due to added weight
  • More reliable and cheaper than a lock safe
  • Place in a garage around other cans and it will blend right in
  • Interior Dimensions: 3” x 3.62”
  • Note: Style and color may vary

Diversion safes are an ideal way to keep your valuables protected from theft. Since they are built into standard items, they draw little attention. Since thieves want to get what they can lay their hands on and be out as soon as possible, diversion safes come in handy. This Gunk motor flush can looks like any other automotive product of its kind and stacks easily with others in a garage or tool shed. The can is empty, but has added weight to make it seem full. To hide cash or small articles of value just twist off the bottom cap of the can to reveal the secret compartment inside. With the lid fixed on top, the can of Gunk motor flush can be placed almost anywhere, without the worry of tampering.

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