Fake Canned Corn Secret Stash Diversion Can Safe

Genuine looking exterior and feel helps conceal a hidden safe inside!

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  • Fake Canned Corn Diversion Can Safe
  • Decoy canned corn with a hidden compartment
  • Storage space is revealed by unscrewing the base
  • Hides valuables in plain sight
  • Cheaper and safer than a real safe
  • Stacks along with other cans in the kitchen cabinet
  • Made from a real can of corn with added weight to make it feel full
  • Weight: 0.08 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 4.5"
  • Note: Like real cans, some of these cans may have scratches or be slighted dented, but they are not defective.

Using diversion safes is the most sensible way to keep your valuables hidden in plain sight. According to the Chicago police, a burglar will not spend more than 6 minutes in the place they are ransacking. This little amount of time is not enough for them to open up everything, especially if they are everyday items, such as a can of corn. This diversion safe looks like any other can because it was made from a real can of corn, but it's actually empty and conceals a hidden compartment inside it. To open the can, simply unscrew the bottom of it and place small valuables inside. This common object will not attract attention and is perfect for placing in a pantry or kitchen cabinet with other cans.

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