Dakota Alert Add-on Vehicle Sensor Cable 50'

Detects vehicles in driveway and sounds an alert inside your home!

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  • Hardwired alert system sends signal directly through the line into your house
  • Alerts you anytime a vehicle drives into or out of your driveway
  • Detects vehicles in a 10’ to 12’ radius of the sensor
  • 50’ wire and sensor can be buried either across the driveway or parallel to the driveway
  • Whistle alert is adjustable to sound for 2, 4 or 8 seconds
  • Control box is capable of running up to 3 probes, allowing you to monitor multiple driveways simultaneously
  • Control box plugs into a standard 110-volt wall outlet
  • Allows you to custom tune the probe's level of sensitivity
  • Can be easily installed underground using a shovel
  • Voltage output can be used to operate light timer, sirens or bells (sold separately, see Accessories)

The 50' Hardwired Vehicle Sensor allows you to detect vehicles in your driveway. The 50' wire and sensor system operates parallel to your driveway and allows you to bury parts underneath it. When vehicles are detected in its 10' to 12' radius, the system then sends a signal to the control box in your home. The control box sounds a soft whistle sound for two (2), four (4), or eight (8) seconds. The manufacturer recommends running the wire through a conduit to protect it from heavy vehicles or from animals in the area. The control box within your home plugs into any 110 volt wall outlet and has an on-off switch. A sensitivity control is on the control box for additional power over your device.

  • Control box
  • Sensor probe
  • 50’ of wire
  • Set of contacts to connect the two wires from probe
  • Set of 12-volt DC (500mA max) contacts

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