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Dakota Alert™ Add-On Signal Receiver Base

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Receives signals from up to 16 sensors and sounds different alarm tunes!

Item No: DCR-4000 Brand: dakota alert
  • Wireless transmitter signal receiver
  • Works with any 4000 Series transmitters (sold separately)
  • Additional receivers allow you to receive the alerts in multiple locations
  • Sounds an alert each time the transmitter(s) detects motion of cars, people and even large animals
  • Provides security by alerting you of visitors, deliveries, or trespassers
  • Has 4 C relay output and one 12V DC output
  • Adjustable output duration from 1 second up to 10 minutes
  • 12 tones to choose from
  • Supports up to 16 transmitters
  • Can be programmed to have a 5 minute exit delay so that you can leave the house without activating the sensor
  • The transmission range between the sensor and receiver is up to 5280 feet (1 mile)
  • Counter function periodically flashes an LED the number of times it detected motion throughout the day
  • Powered by 12-volt DC plug which plugs into a standard wall outlet
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Additional Description

The Dakota Alert Receiver is designed to receive signals from any of the 4000 series transmitters, which must be purchased separately. It supports up to four such sensors, securing different zones. The receiver plugs into a standard 12V DC outlet and features 4 form C relays, one for each transmitter. The output duration is user programmed anywhere from 1 second to 10 minutes.

12 different alarm tunes are offered, which can be used to distinguish each sensor. If you choose to install more than one transmitter, then this feature comes in handy. It allows you to set one tune for each of the zones covered by the sensors.

You may also program the receiver to enable a 5-minute exit delay, where chosen transmitter will not send signal for this time. This lets you leave from selected zone without triggering the receiver alarm, which activates on receiving signal from the zone transmitter.

Additionally, red blinking LED light indicators are provided for each of the four transmitters. The light flashes on receiving a signal from the connected transmitter.

The transmission range between the sensor and receiver is 1 mile. For maximum advantage, the receiver should be mounted horizontally and as high above the ground as possible. However, certain terrains may affect the transmission radius.

  • User manual