Camelion 3V Hi-Energy Lithium CR2 Battery

CR2 battery for Streetwise & ZAP cell phone stun guns!

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  • CR2 3-volt lithium battery
  • Reliable power for high output electronics
  • Long lasting and dependable
  • Superior performance even in extreme temperatures
  • The power to charge your world
  • Example products that utilize the SWCR2 are the LR1000, ICP900P, ICP5000, CPSG, ZAPSTK800FB, and ZAPSTK800FP

Designed to reliably power high output electronics, such as digital cameras and certain Streetwise and ZAP stun gun models. These long-lasting and dependable 3V Lithium CR2 batteries deliver high power and fit most Streetwise and Zap stun gun models. They are also ideal for use with digital cameras. These batteries provide excellent performance, even in extreme temperatures. Products that use these batteries are LR1000, ICP900P, ICP5000, CPSG, ZAPSTK800FB and ZAPSTK800FP.

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