BAP™ Level 1 Bullet Resistant Backpack Ballistic Hard Plate 10'' x 19''

Can easily fit into large backpacks and stop several types of bullets!

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  • UL752 level 1 bullet resistant ballistic plate
  • Can stop up to 3 shots of 9mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullet even if shot in the same spot
  • Provides protection to vital body organs
  • Perfect for sliding into backpacks (not included, see accessories)
  • Dimensions: 10" x 0.25" x 19"
  • Weight: 3.67 lbs.
  • NOTE: Doe NOT include a backpack. Purchase ONLY includes the bulletproof insert.

The Backpack Armor Protection Level 1 Ballistic Plate is a bullet resistant plate that provides perfect bodily protection. It has the ability to stop up to three shots in the same spot of 9 mm, .38 cal, .380 cal or .22 cal bullets. The ballistic plate protects vital body organs from injury and fits into many large backpacks, so it is perfect for keeping your children or yourself safe.

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