Aquamira WaterBasics Blu Line Filtered Water Bottle

Aquamira WaterBasics Blu Line Filtered Water Bottle

Pure clean water from anywhere at 5% the cost of bottled water!

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Product Features

  • Filtered "tip and squeeze" sport water bottle
  • BLU Line filter protection offers safe drinking water from city taps, potable water & fast-moving streams/springs
  • Easy "Drop-in" filter design ensures a leak-free fit
  • Simply fill water, drop in filter, replace cap, and drink
  • 60-gallon water filtering capacity, which is up to 380 refills
  • Provides 200 liters of filtered water at the cost of 14 liters of bottled water
  • Costs you only 5% of the price of equivalent amount of bottled water
  • Aquamira® Micro-Absorption technology with activated coconut shell carbon & medical grade plastic
  • Sub-micron carbon particles into the filter media increases the absorptive capability required to remove chemicals
  • Protects you from protozoan & chemical contaminants responsible for the vast majority of waterborne illness
  • Removes protozoan cysts to ANSI/NSF Standard 52 & US EPA standards
  • Removes chlorine & harmful chemicals, bad tastes & odors to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 requirements
  • Proven effective in removing Cyanotoxins such as Microcystin and other biotoxins
  • BPA free
  • Soft mouthpiece for drinking
  • Replacement BLU Line filter 67255 with 60-gallon filtration capacity (see Accessories)
  • 1-Year Warranty

Ideal for use at home, office, in the gym, while traveling or at any outdoor activity, this sports style sipper makes a handy companion. It is not an ordinary water bottle. In fact it is a filter attached water bottle that ensures that you have safe drinking water at all times. If you are in a place where you are unsure of the water quality, this filter bottle can come to your rescue.

With Aquamira® Micro-Absorption technology along with activated coconut shell carbon and medical grade micro-porous plastic, the bottle can provide contaminant-free drinking water. WaterBasics BLU line filter is proven to remove protozoan cysts, chlorine and harmful chemicals, including bad taste and odors to make the water fit to meet drinking standards.

The drop-in filter design and an easy tip and squeeze bottle, make it perfect for use anywhere. Whether it is water from a municipal tap, potable water or water from a stream or spring, the filter bottle removes any impurities that may cause you harm. A safety cap ensures that the bottle remains leak-proof while keeping the sipper mouthpiece clean and protected from dirt.

Moreover, the filter water bottle costs only 5% of the price of bottled water. Meaning, you can get 200 liters of filtered water at the cost of 14 liters of bottled water. The filter capacity is for 60 gallons, which is 380 refills of the bottle. It is lightweight and slips easily into a backpack, cup holder, bicycle basket or any other bags and carriers with pockets.

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