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Hide your valuables with these high-tech safes.

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About Wall Safes

Wall safes are the perfect solution for your home security needs. They’re designed to safely and discreetly hide your valuables without taking up space in your home. A wall safe is a perfect place to hide jewelry, money, important papers, and more and you can even install it yourself. The Home Security Superstore offers wall safes built for durability and ease-of-use that come in several styles and sizes.

A wall safe is probably less expensive than you think! Available with keypad access, biometric fingerprint access, or traditional key access, wall safes are made to fit snugly up against the wall so they can be easily hidden by a painting or a mirror. Some versions are built right into decoys, designed to look like wall clocks or electrical outlets for small-scale valuables. You can rest assured that even if your home is broken into your wall safe will likely go unseen.

The best part is, you can easily install a wall safe yourself using a few easy-to-find tools. If you’ve got tight quarters or are worried about the visibility of a traditional safe, a wall safe is a great option for your security needs. They’re heavy-duty, built to withstand fire and tampering, and they’re easily installed.

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