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Aquamira© BLU Line Series IV Replacement Water Filter Everyday


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50-gallon filtration capacity & protection from emerging Contaminants!

Item No: 67021 Brand: aquamira
  • BLU Line Series IV filter protection offers safe drinking water from city taps, potable water & fast-moving streams/springs
  • 50-gallon filtering capacity
  • 200 refills for your 67625 Aquamira© SHIFT™ Filtered Water Bottle 32 oz (not included, see Accessories)
  • 5% of the cost of ordinary bottled water
  • Easy to use: Series IV design ensures a snug, leak-free fit
  • No BPA, iodine or chemicals
  • Miraguard™ Antimicrobial* Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media
  • Protects you from protozoan & chemical contaminants responsible for the vast majority of waterborne illness
  • Removes protozoan cysts to ANSI/NSF Standard 52 & US EPA standards
  • Removes chlorine & harmful chemicals, bad tastes & odors to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 requirements
  • Proven effective in removing Cyanotoxins such as Microcystin and other biotoxins

Additional Description

The replacement BLU Line filter by Aquamira® is perfect for tossing in your bag when you're out and about or when spending time outdoors. You don't always have time to stop in a place with a pure and trustworthy water source, but with the BLU Line filter this won't faze you since you already have your trusted Aquamira© SHIFT™ water filtration bottle on hand. Just attach the filter and feel rest assured knowing you're protected from the most common and potentially harmful water impurities and contaminants. Effectively filters water from municipal taps, and rushing springs or creeks to EPA & ANSI/NSF standards without the use of BPA or iodine, so even if there's no plumbing nearby, you'll be able to drink water with the peace of mind that the BLU filter protection brings you.