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About Self-Defense Batons

Are you looking for a new way to protect yourself using non-lethal force? Whether you want to feel safe on your evening dog walks or you’re looking for a way to sleep more soundly, a baton for self-defense is a smart addition to your protection toolbox. Batons are easy to handle and legal without restrictions in most areas. Probably the biggest reason they are great for self-defense, is that batons are strong visual deterrents likely to ward off any would-be assailant. The Home Security Superstore has a lot of different batons to choose from, so you can always find one that works for you. Best of all, batons are affordable and you can learn to use one quickly. 

Protecting Yourself with Non-Lethal Force

There are plenty of ways to keep yourself safe at home and on the go without using a firearm. Batons are one of the most popular personal defense weapons for non-lethal force because they have so many appealing features and work for people of all ages. Batons fit easily into nylon holsters, so they’re convenient, but that’s just the beginning.

Let’s take a look at the best features of self-defense batons. 

Intimidating: While any stick or hand-held tool may deter a potential attacker, metal batons are certainly top-of-the-list when it comes to intimidating weapons. Weidling a baton in the ready position informs any assailant that you won’t be an easy target. 

Expandable: Most batons are expandable, so they’re collapsed and easy to conceal when they’re not in use. Then, with the flick of your wrist or a press of a button, you can expand the baton to its full length. Batons can extend to a length of up to 22 inches in just a few seconds. 

Flashlight: Your self-defense baton can also double as an LED flashlight. This makes it easier to see where you’re striking, and you can also use the flashlight mode without expanding the baton at all. Your late-night dog walks will never feel safer. Many of our customers say that the flashlight function on their baton is the best part of the tool. 

Lightweight: Carbonite batons are lightweight. This makes it easy to carry a baton in your pocket or hand, and flicking them open is simple. Even users who have concerns about arthritis or weak wrists can manage a baton without problems. Keep a baton in the bottom of your purse at all times without giving your shoulder a workout. 

High-Voltage Stun: Some batons also have a stun gun feature. The added protection of high-voltage electricity will yield an assailant immediately incapacitated. Stun guns are legal in most states without major restrictions, and having a stun at the end of a baton means you can keep distance between you and an assailant as you deploy the electricity. 

Rubberized Handle: Batons have rubberized, non-slip handles that make them easy to grip and use. Even as you deliver a self-defense strike, you will maintain control over the baton at all times. Some batons also have a wrist strap attached, so you’re guaranteed to never lose your baton. 

Keychain: Many of our batons also have a keychain loop on the end so you can keep your baton close at hand. Keep your baton on your keychain, and you’ll always have a self-defense weapon at your disposal. Keychain batons are as light as 9 oz., so they won’t weigh down your entire key ring. 

Are you ready to improve your self-defense strategy? An expandable self-defense baton is the best place to begin. You can bring your baton almost anywhere, and it also keeps you safer right at home. From their flashlight functions to their easy grip, batons are a smart addition to a personal protection plan. If you’re not sure where to get started, check out our tactical expandable solid steel baton 26". Contact us today if you still have questions about choosing the right baton for your personal safety.