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Rent a Spy Camera

There are certain products and situations in which renting is the better path to take over buying and thus owning an item. We believe certain spy products, like spy cameras, bug detectors, and GPS trackers may be better off rented. The choice between buying or renting comes down to your particular situation and its inherent usage frequency. 

Our decade-plus experience in spy products suggests that most people seeking a spy camera are doing so to capture evidence of something that has recently started to happen and they want to know how, why, and who is causing it. We estimate that in 3 out of 5 situations, you will capture the evidence you seek in 30 days or less. Most people we have sold spy cameras too, report they stop using the spy camera after they capture the proof they seek.

Our low monthly rental fee makes renting a spy camera the smart option in the majority of the situations that call for the use of one. Our monthly fee is just that, a fee. You are just paying for a fraction usage of the spy camera. Your first months rent not only includes free delivery, but also the free cost of returning the camera too us.  You simply call or email us and initiate the return of your rental and within minutes your return label is delivered to your inbox. You simply place the items sent to you back into the plain box you received it in and hand it to FedEx. Nobody is the wiser. 

All product we ship for rental is clean, new or newly refurbished and tested to be in solid working order. Everything is easily marked for quick and easy setup. 

Sometimes people receive our rentals and find they need it for longer than 30 days or they decide to keep it. No problem. Our rentals are charged to your credit card or PayPal account in equal monthly installments equal to the first month's rent. After your 4th monthly installment, your rental need not be returned to us as you are now the owner.