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Secure Safety Everywhere You Go! <<< Click Here >>>

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About Mail Chime Alarms

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. There are over 15,000,000 victims a year, many of which are targeted after their mail is stolen right from their very own mailbox. An inexpensive mail alarm can save you the hassle of contacting credit card companies and credit report monitoring services by letting you know when your mail’s arrived.

Most mail thefts occur without the recipient ever even knowing they’ve been targeted! Installing a mail chime on your exterior mailbox means you’ll hear an alarm when your mail is delivered. As soon as the mailman delivers your mail, a wireless mail alert will sound a chime inside your home so you can securely handle your documents right away. It’s a great solution for at-home businesses and package deliveries, too! If you worry about the security of your personal documents, notices from the bank, or even highly-desirable credit card offers it may be time to consider an alarm.

If you think a mail chime is obtrusive or hard to install, think again. Today’s mail alert systems are small, affordable, and most of the time the postman never even knows they’re there! You protect your f