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About GunVault® Safes

With a GunVault® Safe, you can feel confident that no one (besides you) can access your gun. Your gun will be locked away from burglars and intruders, family members, and babysitters and nannys. If you hve kids and firearms in your house, you should defintely have a gun safe.

GunVault® Safes are built specifically for firearms, which means that while your gun will be locked away safely, it's also accessible if you need it. The Home Security Superstore carries a number of gun safe options including biometric fingerprint safes and electronic keypad safes. We also have stand-alone gun safes and drop-down drawers that can be mounted next to or under furniture.

Whether you need a gun vault for your home or your office, The Home Security Superstore has a GunVault® Safe that will match your needs and your budget.