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Teknon® Concealed Carry Ankle Gun Holster w/ Calf Strap

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Lightweight and easily hidden to conceal Glocks, Rugers and more!

Item No: 1719 Brand: teknon
  • Lightweight neoprene holster
  • Easily carries .22, .380, 9mm, or larger caliber firearms
  • Perfect for Glocks 19, 42 or 43, Ruger LCPs, etc.
  • Strong Velcro attachments for comfortable support
  • Attaches to the ankle and calf of either the right or left leg
  • Button snap enclosure for quick access
  • Can be covered by pant legs for concealed carrying

The Teknon® ankle holster is the perfect accessory for added security. It is made of lightweight, yet durable neoprene and comfortably attaches to your ankle and calf of either leg, depending on your needs. It uses strong Velcro and a button snap enclosure to secure your handgun and also provide quick access to it when needed. It has a non-slip design and can easily fit .22, .380, 9mm, or larger caliber firearms, which can then be concealed underneath a pant leg. Whether you need to hide an additional firearm on your person or safely carry it out in the open, this ankle holster is just what you need.

  • Teknon Concealed Carry Ankle Holster with Calf Strap