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About Flashlight Spy Cameras

You hear someone outside so you grab your flashlight. You head out to investigate, hoping you'll catch whomever might be snooping around. But when you shine your light on the perpetrator, what do you do next? Chase him away or use your self-defense skills to protect yourself? Those are great ideas. But, how about also thanking yourself for buying a flashlight spy camera?

Flashlight cameras help you bring the criminal to justice and hold him accountable for his crime. They capture footage of the perpetrator's activity, and of the scene before and after the fact, for legal purposes. Camera flashlights have hidden DVR recorders, and many come with IR technology for clear night vision. They illuminate your surroundings up to 100 feet away so you can capture the details of the situation. Many flashlight spy cameras even have microphones to record audio.

Don't be left in the dark without video or audio. Shine a light on the perp and gather the evidence, with a flashlight spy cam. Get yours today! You'll be thankful you did.

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