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  • MONITORS & DETECTS - wireless motion detector is great for the driveway, entrance, back yard, and warehouse alerts, provides security by alerting you of visitors, deliveries, or trespassers (12 tones to choose from), and offers a 5-minute exit delay so you can leave the property without triggering an alert tone.
  • TRANSMIT & RECEIVE - sensor capable of transmitting to the receiver up to 1 mile and monitors area with passive infrared (PIR) beam detecting motion of cars, people, and even large animals from approximately 50 feet away. The receiver uses a 12-volt DC plug (included) which plugs into a standard wall outlet and the transmitter requires one 9-volt battery (not included, see Accessories).
  • WEATHERPROOF - durable outdoor weatherproof transmitter operates in temperatures from negative 30 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • SIMPLE SETUP - easy do-it-yourself installation, mounting brackets provided for both fixed, flush mounting and adjustable pivot mounting for the transmitter.
  • NOTE - (1) Up to 16 additional transmitters (DCMT-4000) can be used with this kit (see Accessories), (2) Additional receivers (DCR-4000) can also be used with this kit (see Accessories), (3) Actual transmission range will vary depending on local terrain, and metal buildings may affect signal strength.

Additional Description

The Dakota 1 Mile Wireless Alert Kit is a wireless detector/receiver kit that allows you to detect large animals, people, and vehicles up to a 1 mile radio range with is passive infrared (PIR) technology. Home and business owners can use the alert kit as a backyard monitor, an entrance alert, or as a driveway alarm. An alert tone will be triggered when the alert kit senses motion, which comes in 12 different tones. The alarm is set with a five (5) minute exit delay which allows you to leave your property without setting off the alarm kit yourself. The alarm kit measures areas of 30, 50, or 80 feet wide depending on whichever setting you choose. A reminder beep will sound until it is turned off, which means you will know that it was triggered when you return. Fifteen (15) additional DCMT-4000 transmitters can be used to monitor sixteen (16) areas with a single receiver. Different alert alarms can be set to distinguish which zone triggered the alarm. Four (4) form "C" relay outputs are used to add additional DCR-4000 receivers (sold separately). This will allow the alarm to sound at more than one location. Easy installation can be performed to set up the receiver (powered by an included 12VDC transformer) and the other devices. The motion detecting sensor functions with a 9-volt battery (not included).

  • One (1) receiver
  • One (1) transmitter
  • Flush mounting bracket for transmitter
  • Adjustable pivot mounting bracket for transmitter
  • One (1) DC output plug for the receiver