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  • Secondary image - Mini Metal Brutus Bulldog Keychain Knuckle Knife Mini Metal Brutus Bulldog Keychain Knuckle Knife - Keychain Weapons

    Mini Metal Brutus Bulldog Keychain Knuckle Knife

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    Stainless steel trigger assisted blade inside of a knuckle jabber!

One of our most popular defense products, our concealed weapon keychains are perfect for everyday, subtle defense. Everyone wants to feel safe, but not everyone wants to walk around with a conspicuous weapon. Our hidden knife keychains are the perfect solution for this problem, allowing you to stay safe while also being discreet. These keychains with concealed knives are versatile, easily portable, and still effective when you need to protect yourself. If you feel threatened, simply expose the knife that is hidden in each of these keychains. 

Use these weapons for slashing or as pressure point weapons to add greater power to any strike. Plus, if someone grabs you from behind, you can stab and jam the end of these into their hand or forearm causing instant pain to your attacker. They are also perfect for adding power to your punch and make excellent tools for simple cutting tasks. You can also use them for wrist locks and other pressure point applications. 

What is a concealed weapon keychain?

A concealed weapon keychain is a keychain that contains a knife that is hidden from sight. Sometimes, these weapons are disguised in the form of other objects such as keys. Other times, they are slim and easily retractable. These knives are designed to be easy to carry in your purse or attached to your keys or belt loop. Despite their small size, these knives can be essential in providing protection against attackers since they’re perfect for slashing or using as pressure point weapons.

What are the benefits of a hidden knife keychain?

No matter what form they take, a keychain with a concealed weapon is perfect for someone who wants to feel safe while being subtle and avoid carrying a clunky weapon that takes up a lot of space. Plus, you can easily attach them to your keys, meaning you’ll never forget them and can easily take them wherever you go. The fact that they’re hidden also offers you the advantage of having the element of surprise against an attacker. 

Types of Concealed Weapon Keychains

The Home Security Superstore offers several different types of hidden knife keychains:

  • Key Concealed Folding Knife - These concealed knife keychains are perfect for someone who wants as much discretion as possible while still having easily accessible protection. These keychains are designed to look like normal keys while having a hollow interior that contains a knife that can fold out. Just inches long, these knives are easy to take with you anywhere while still being useful as a pressure point weapon or for slashing.

  • Keychain Kubotan Serrated Knife - This keychain weapon is easy to transport in your purse, pocket, or attached to your keyring. It contains a hidden, chrome-plated, stainless steel blade that can be resharpened as needed. All you have to do to access the blade is unscrew the jabber end. Whether used as a Kubotan or as a knife this little weapon packs a punch while being incredibly convenient.

Keychain Knuckle Knives - These knuckles feature a retractable knife that is easy to access thanks to trigger-assisted openings with thumb studs. These hidden knife knuckles are versatile and make it easy to protect yourself in a dangerous situation. You can use them as a knife or simply make use of the knuckles themselves to deliver a strong punch to your assailant. However you choose to use them, these keychains are designed to provide peace of mind in any situation.

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