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About Car Alarms

Car alarms can provide you with an added sense of security in your parking lot, in unknown neighborhoods, and even in your very own driveway. The Home Security Superstore offers a variety of car alarm solutions. Protect your belongings and your ride with our unique selection of car security products.

Forget “The Club”: today’s car alarms are high-tech and hard to thwart. Attach an electronic SWAT car alarm to your steering wheel to ward off intruders, or just plug a fake alarm into your cigarette lighter to accomplish the same goal. Locking alarms do double duty, sounding an alarm when tampered with and preventing the steering wheel from turning. And remember, car alarms don’t just deter theft, they can actually keep you safe. Driveway alarms alert you when someone pulls up, and drowsy driver alarms can even wake you if you fall asleep while driving!

Over 1,000,000 cars are stolen in the U.S. each and every year! Having a car alarm can keep your vehicle safe whether you leave it unattended for the afternoon or the month. Car alarms make great gifts for students, teens, and new homeowners and above all else they provide much-needed peace of mind.

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