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About Alarm Spy Cameras

It's night. The house is dark. And someone is trying to break into your home. This is where alarm spy cameras , which sense motion and send out a loud alarming signal, take action. Protect your home with an alarm camera that will go off when movement is detected and simultaneously snap photos of the perpetrators. 

Alarm spy cameras not only help run off intruders, they also provide the evidence to bring them to justice.

You need an alarm camera if:

  • You suspect your neighbors are entering your property
  • You need to keep your business or office safe during closed hours
  • There are valuables in your home or you live on a busy street
  • You travel a lot and want to know when someone comes onto your property

Alarm cameras snap multiple photographs when triggered, so you can capture the scene from the minute criminals or trespassers enter until they're out of your space or handcuffed.

Your alarm camera, with its cat-like eyes and owl-head range of motion, is a perp's worst nightmare. Alarm spy cameras, like the Photo Express Spy Cam Auto Dialer, give them up when you're away, since it sends you photos directly to your email inbox . Don't let trespassers or burglars get away with their crimes. Alert the world and capture it all on video with an alarm spy camera. Order one today!