The Best Driveway Sensors and Alarms

Do you want a heads up when someone approaches your home? Driveway sensors let you know when someone crosses the threshold of your property. Whether you just want to know when the delivery service has arrived or you plan to monitor visitors carefully after dark

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Protect Your Home During the Holidays with These Tips

Are you feeling nervous about leaving your home unattended this holiday season? You’re not alone! As much fun as it is to visit grandma’s house or go on your annual ski vacation, leaving your home vulnerable is never easy.

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The Ultimate Home Protection Guide (Part 2): How to Stay Safe During Societal Breakdown

A societal breakdown is any large-scale situation in which a particular geographic area experiences a collapse of social services. For instance, during a natural disaster, services such as police and fire departments may become temporarily unavailable or severely limited in access.

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Are Burglar Bars Legal?

Home security is important for any home, and between wireless security cameras and window alarms, it’s easy to set up a DIY system that works for you. If you’re particularly worried about the lower levels on your home

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