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Winter Safety Tips

Winter Safety Tips

You may remember the snowstorm that hit my home city of Atlanta a few years ago. It literally stranded tens of thousands people in one of the biggest cities in the country. Some people called it a freak snowstorm while others had different words for it. What I learned in that incident was that Mother Nature can mess you up no matter where you are. Snow in Atlanta is unusual, to say the least, but when it hits, you best be ready.

With that in mind we thought we do a story about winter safety tips to include winter driving safety tips.

Don’t Be A Puffer

What is a Puffer you ask? A Puffer is someone who starts his car on a cold morning and leaves it unattended while he goes back inside to stay warm and drink a cup of coffee. In an alarming number of cases, the driver may return to an empty driveway because his car was stolen. What better invitation for the bad guys than to leave your car running with the keys in it? So don’t be a Puffer!

The Center for Disease Control better known as the CDC based here in Atlanta offers these Winter Weather Tips to better prepare your home and cars for potential power outages and outdoor activities.

For Your Home

The first thing that comes to mind is having your heating system professionally serviced which would include installing a CO detector to alert you in the presence of deadly odorless and colorless carbon monoxide; install a smoke detector; insulate waterlines that run along exterior walls; install weather stripping insulation and storm windows to cut down on your energy bills; and finally if you have a real fireplace, make sure you clean it along with your chimney.

For Your Car

Make sure you service your radiator and maintain an adequate antifreeze level. Depending on where you live you may need studded snow tires but wherever you live your tires should be in great shape. Keep a full tank of gas to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines; make sure your windshield washer has a winter formula; and perhaps most important is to have an emergency kit in your car in case you become stranded like so many people in Atlanta did that day.

Be prepared for weather-related emergencies by stocking food that needs no cooking or refrigeration and have water stored in sanitized containers; keep an up-to-date emergency kit that would include a first aid kit and don’t forget a bag of cat litter for those icy conditions.

Avoid traveling when weather conditions are bad. You are just asking for trouble.

If you ever get stranded in your car, do not block your tailpipe; only run your engine heater every 10 minutes out of an hour; if your window is open keep it downwind from exhaust fumes, and make sure you’re able to charge your cell phone from your car.

And these winter safety tips are from the National Safety Council.

Drive safely in the snow. Driving on snow and ice can be treacherous. It definitely is different and many people are unprepared.

Shoveling snow can be very taxing and straining on your heart so don’t overdo it.

If you do get frostbite, make sure it is treated immediately.

Home fires occur in the winter season more than any other time of the year with space heaters, candles, fireplaces and cooking the leading causes.

What winter safety tips do you know that we haven’t shared above? Don’t be bashful, share your secrets with us. 

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