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Why You Should Have A Self-Defense Strategy

In all the years that we have been in this business we have preached the importance of having a self-defense strategy. Even though we sell self-defense products that are highly effective in just about any circumstance the foundation for that self-defense strategy should be some basic self-defense techniques.

We have always maintained that if school-age children start learning some self-defense techniques in the third or fourth grade, and practiced them through school that by the time the young ladies got to be high school age they would be well versed in how to defend themselves against unwelcome advances in the form of sexual assault.

Self-defense weapons such as stun guns, pepper sprays and other nonlethal products are not always going to work. Pepper sprays, for example can get blown off course by even a 10 mile an hour breeze. Stun devices do not work on assailants that are high on drugs or drunk on alcohol. So if you are relying on those self-defense weapons only, you could find yourself in a pile of trouble. When your life is on the line you don’t want to have all your eggs in one basket.

So learn some basic self-defense techniques and use that as the foundation for your self-defense strategy. Included in those self-defense techniques should be how to disable an assailant with some striking points such as eye gouges and strikes to the throat or the nose area. There are others, of course, but a jab to the eye can get just about any assailant away from you.

Then choose a self-defense weapon such as a pepper spray or a stun gun. Check it out carefully because there are so many different models with differing capabilities. Then learn how to use it. Even your Police Department can help with training but most products have clear instructions on the package.

And last but not least in your self-defense strategy is to practice. Practice your self-defense techniques. Practice using your self-defense weapons. Practice with a friend or family member and practice doing different scenarios because assaults can occur anywhere, at any time. When the time comes, and it will come you want to be able to react and react quickly and forcefully.

When your life is on the line is not the time to figure out how to fire your stun gun. The first few seconds in an assault situation often determine the outcome. You certainly want that to be in your favor. So, practice makes perfect.

The self-defense DVD course Women’s Street Combat is geared specifically towards female self-defense issues of rape prevention and predator defense.

This DVD called Street Safe is a beginner course is self-defense strategy and teaches the basics of Jeet Kune Do.

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