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Why Fake Surveillance Cameras are So Popular

There are two things that burglars don’t like: security cameras and barking dogs. Security cameras can not only document a home burglary or home invasion for later use by police, but to be honest for any burglar that has an ounce of brains when he sees a security camera he will pick another target. Prevention and apprehension-two good reasons to have security cameras.

The main reason why more people don’t get real surveillance cameras is the very reason why fake ones are so popular. The fake ones cost less. In some cases they may be 1/10 the cost or more of a real security camera. Even from 5 feet away a professional couldn’t tell the difference between a real one and a fake.

There was an article not long ago about an interview that was done with a very successful home burglar. Over the years he had committed more than 250 home burglaries without getting caught. In that article he confessed to his fear of getting caught on video so he avoided homes that had security or surveillance cameras outside the house. He also admitted that there was no way that he could tell whether the security camera was real or if it was a fake. “The fake ones,” he said “are so realistic looking that no one can tell the difference.”

There is a fake camera that is so realistic looking it has a 24 hour red LED light and motorized pan movement from left to right and back activated by a motion detection sensor. It installs very easily and adjust to almost any angle. No wiring is needed because it uses three AA batteries.

Another camera that is so real-looking it can fool even the most experienced professional burglar is a 24-hour flashing light LED surveillance camera-only it’s fake. It has multiple red LED lights and is battery operated. It comes with an authentic looking CCTV cable and all mounting hardware to install it in seconds.

If you choose to get fake surveillance cameras, you not only improve your home security but you send a message to would-be burglars to stay away from your house. They can’t tell the difference from the real thing. Only your wallet knows for sure.

Why spend the money on a real camera when a fake one can work just as well for pennies on the dollar compared to the cost of a real one. That is why they are so popular-they cost less.

This Fake LED Camera that sells for $5.95 has a motion activated pan movement that will fool anyone into thinking it is real.

This fake camera has a 24 hour LED Flashing Light that can fool the most experienced pro.

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