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Why DVR Hidden Spy Cameras are So Popular

Spy cameras have been in use for about 70 years mostly by the government, specifically the CIA. More recently, the FBI and other government agencies have used hidden spy cameras for undercover sting operations with great success.

The basic idea behind a hidden camera is to place a small pinhole camera or board camera inside an object that people are used to seeing all the time-something so common that people don’t think twice about seeing it. The video from that camera is used to catch people doing things that are illegal or immoral such as marital infidelity.

Up until about five years ago you needed a separate recording device if you wanted to record the video. Otherwise, all you could do was just monitor what the camera saw. This made hidden spy cameras cumbersome and even difficult for some. Maybe that’s why the only people who used them were government employees.

But then a new technique was introduced. As with everything else in the technological world, miniaturization has made more things possible. The DVR was introduced into the product with the hidden camera. This enables the user to record the illegal activity in one product.

The all-inclusive spy camera with DVR has revolutionized the hidden camera industry. They are not only easier to use but they end up saving you money as well because you don’t need a separate recording device. That is why they are so popular.

The DVR uses an SD card to record the video as well as audio if the device has a microphone. Not all of them do. To play back the video you just insert the SD card into your PC. Or use an RCA cable to view it on a TV screen or monitor.

A good example of this technology is the brand-new iPod Docking Station hidden spy camera. It is a working, functioning iPod dock station that uses Apple’s universal dock. In addition, it is an AM/FM clock radio that can wake you to sounds of your favorite iPod music or your favorite AM/FM radio station. The iPod dock uses high fidelity stereo drivers. The spy camera is a 3.7 mm pinhole camera that produces excellent picture resolution.

When you need another set of eyes to watch over affairs in your home, office or business an all-inclusive spy camera with DVR will give you amazing capability and provide you with information that you couldn’t get otherwise.

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