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Why Are Stun Guns And Pepper Sprays So Effective?

No one can deny the increased popularity of self-defense products such as pepper sprays and stun devices. These nonlethal weapons have become increasingly popular, especially in the last five years or so because of heavy price competition, which makes them less expensive; improved quality, more of them are made in the United States than ever before; and because of publicity surrounding their effectiveness.

In this article we will explore how these nonlethal self-defense weapons work and why they are so effective. There really is no mystery, but knowing how something works gives you increased confidence in its ability to perform. In the case of self-defense weapons, their purpose is disabling an assailant and protecting your life.

They do it in different ways. Stun devices use electricity, while defensive sprays use chemicals.

Stun devices get their electrical charge from batteries or rechargeable technology inside the device. The electrical charge goes to the probes on the end of the device. When the probes make contact with an assailant, the electricity causes a certain amount of pain, disorientation and confusion, but it also overworks the muscles in a very rapid fashion. It has been compared to running a marathon in 10 minutes.

Defensive sprays use a component of one of the hottest peppers in the world-the cayenne pepper-and mix it with an emollient so it can be sprayed. The result is the major ingredient in all pepper sprays, called oleoresin capsicum or OC for short. Sometimes the resin is mixed with a UV marking dye to identify assailants after the fact, and frequently a teargas component is added. The result is, in a word-Pain! But there’s more to it than just the pain, the vessels in the eyes expand to the point where the eyes may actually have to shut and tears flow in an unstoppable manner.

Ask anyone who has been through Army basic training what pepper spray is like. New recruits for the Armed Forces as well as cadets for police training undergo exposure to pepper spray, so they get a feel for what it’s like.

But those aren’t the only reasons pepper sprays and stun devices are so effective-between 85 and 90% on average. They are also effective because they are small, easy to conceal and generally speaking very inexpensive, making them affordable to just about anyone who wants one.

Another reason that pepper sprays and stun devices are so effective is that a lot of them are disguised, which gives you the added advantage of surprise in an attack. An assailant wouldn’t expect to be stunned by a device that looks like a Smart Phone as an example, or disabled by a pepper spray that looks like a lipstick container or a Perfume Dispenser

The fact that every police officer in the United States carries a pepper spray and almost all of them carry some form of a stun device provides irrefutable proof of their effectiveness.

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