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Which Self-defense Tool Is Best For You?

Which Self-defense Tool Is Best For You?

Taking in consideration your safety and our highest, most sought out self-defense weapons, we thought we would take it a step further and compare a few for you, the appreciated customer.  Out of our 25 top best sellers, we took to make an analysis of 5 of them.  The metrics in which we used to help us compare and contrast these 5 products is based upon 4 categories.  Categories we thought were highly important to your usage of these security based weapons.  The four categories we based this comparative analysis with are: Accessibility, Wearability, Fashionability, and Effectiveness.  Hope you enjoy the info graph above.  The article below from The Home Security Superstore is to help you understand and be able to read and appreciate this infographic to your shopping benefit.

First let us, define the categories:

Accessibility – how quickly anyone is able to reach, grab and use whatever defense weapon they have upon them.

Wearability – how convenient it is to hold the specific position of the defense weapon on you (your clothing, purse, bag, keychain, etc.).

Fashionable – how incognito is this defense weapon of chose.  Can it camouflage itself in a way that doesn’t seem threatening to the average person, or daunting to your outfit of chose.

Effectiveness – in comparison to the other defense weapons, how effective is this particular one you own.

Comparing these four groups, one is able to gauge, what security weapon is best suited to their needs or preference without sacrificing the power of its usage upon a said victimizer. 

Ratings, are based on a simple low, medium to high range (when compared to their counter parts):


Now, for the 5 items we have compared and why they ranked as they did:

ZAP Blast Knuckles

Accessibility-  Since the ZAP Blast Knuckles is one of the bulkier of the 5, it’s not easy to carryaround.  Nor, is it easy to put on for that matter, if one was in immediate danger.  For this matter it scored low, because it would probably take several steps and seconds or minutes to get on.

Wearability-  On the opposite end of accessibility, the “wearability” of this item is actually very high.  It’s sits right in your hand upon your knuckles and this has one of the easiest uses.  It only requires that you swing. (this difficulty in range of motion may be subjective.)

 Fashionable- As far as this category, the ZAP Blast Knuckles ranked low.  It’s not easy to make a popular fashion statement wearing a BIG brass Knuckle like object on your hand and walking around performing life duties as normal!

Effectiveness- Compared to the other products in this test comparison, the “Knuckles” ranged in medium effectiveness.  For the matter that it doesn’t have the highest potency in volts and requires a range of motion and activity, that requires one to connect with the victimizer. 

*see graph to look at all ZAP Blast Knuckles ratings.

Expandable Solid Street Baton

AccessibilityIt’s hard to store a baton on your person.  For this reason, out of all the popular items of choice, this in our studies ranks the lowest.

Wearability- There is no real way to wear a baton.  You kind of have to carry it with you and maybe in a bag or in your hand.

Fashionable- Again, when it comes to fashionability it is not normal for people to carry a baton in hand.  For this matter there is really no way to disguise this item into your everyday wear.

Effectiveness-  Out of all the items, this item ranked the least.  Many of the other items have built in voltage of power or spray that make them more effective.  This is a great weapon but requires physical movement and strength. 

Jolt Cell Stun Gun

Accessibility- This item ranks high in every way.  It’s easy to have access to, especially in modern day where a phone is used quite often and all the time.  With your phone being in your hand and this item being attached it, makes it verily accessible at all times.  Plus, the range of motion is common to the common persons activities.

Wearability- This item sits on your average phone as a phone cover, so this is very wearable.  It simply attaches itself to something you already wear and have made room for.

Fashionable- Again this item ranks high, because it actually is very fashionable.  Disguised as a case for your phone, makes it almost unrecognizable.  Plus, the fact that your phone needs a cover to it, this is the most fashionable item, as it’s one that you already use anyway as a decoration accessory to your phone. (true for most people, but not all!)

Effectiveness- the effectiveness of this defense weapon is very high.  The voltage count is one of the highest in our popular items.  Coupled with ease of use, makes this item, very potent.

Tactical Stun Flashlight

Accessibility- Since this item utilizes an object that already has a popular usage in our lives, the flashlight ranks very high in accessibility because its expected to be kept in hand and used to light one’s path.

Wearability- This item ranks medium in this category, because technically it is bulky and long, so it is not the easiest to put in your pocket perhaps.  Maybe your bag, but most times, this item is one you keep in your car and use with your hands whenever needing it as a flashlight. 

Fashionable- The fashionability of this item is high, do to the fact that it is heavily disguised in an item that has a popular understanding, usage and expectation in our society. 

Effectiveness- This item, while being powerfully packed, is very effective in that, it is already in motion.  While you are lighting your path before you, you can easily target the victimizer and send a charge their way (whether it’s a dog or person).

Key ring spray

Accessibility- Being that the average behavior of a person outside (traveling from home to car, or car to work, or anywhere in between) is that their keys are in their hands, this item is very accessible.

Wearability- Obviously, being that it sits on your keychain, this item is wearable.  We gave it a medium in this category, do to the fact that keys can get bulky and make it hard to fit in your pocket.  The more you place on your keychain the less wearable it becomes.

Fashionable-  Fashionability also received a medium.  Do to the fact that people rarely see your key chain and that while, it is small and convenient, it can make your keychain a little less attractive and a little more bulky. 

Effectiveness- This item is very effective, do to the ease of use and the power of the spray.  It requires minimal steps and stretches a wide distance, making impact of higher probability in any one use of it.


All of these items are a top choice from security and self-defense online shopping sites.  For the most part, it is up to preference and usage or behavior as to which tool would work best for you.  However, in our studies, it seems that for the average person the Jolt Cell Stun appears the most effective based on these categories we’ve chosen to compare with.  By all means, let this serve as a mere, basis for further understanding, and take a look at these and other products we have online.  Make your educated choice of purchase and stay safe!

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