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What Makes Pepper Spray So Popular?

What Makes Pepper Spray So Popular?

In today’s article we are going to explain to you why pepper spray is so popular making it the number one self-defense product in the world.

In our article called Pepper Spray-Everything You Need To Know we tell you some history of pepper spray, which is interesting in and of itself, what the major components of the spray are, some FAQ’s, the most common disbursement methods and some tips on how to judge the potency of different sprays. It makes for good reading and background for this article.

In our other article entitled Are You Confused Yet On Ways To Measure Hotness Of Pepper Sprays? we go into considerable detail on the lengths that manufacturers of pepper spray go to sell their product often using exaggeration or obfuscation in the process-it is called marketing!

So our question is ‘why is pepper spray so popular?’

Here’s the answer. Cost! Effectiveness! Legality! Reliability! Dependability! What else is there?

Let’s take dependability first. Mace was the first brand that started bench testing their sprays before they were packaged. But now everybody does. They do this by dunking the pressurized container of oleoresin capsicum into water to check for leaks. This ensures that you have a 100% dependable shot of pepper spray when you need it, which can be just about any time.

Then there’s reliability. With the product testing and strong track record through decades of use by law enforcement and civilians, pepper spray has become one of the “go to” products for self-defense in the world. There probably is no such thing as 100% reliable, because Murphy’s Law comes into play. Pepper spray is as reliable a self-defense product as there is.

Legality. Pepper spray is legal in every one of the 50 United States and in most foreign countries. It is one of the few self-defense products that can claim that distinction. Some cities and states have a few restrictions on it, such as the percentage of oleoresin capsicum, or the prohibition against using CN teargas.

Then there’s the effectiveness quotient. Pepper spray is nearly 90% effective which makes it second only to Taser guns in terms of overall effectiveness. It has a reputation of being ineffective against drunk or drugged assailants. It also has some severe restrictions in windy or rainy conditions because a spray can get blown off course or diluted in those weather constraints.

As of this writing we carry a variety pepper sprays making it the largest selection of defensive sprays in any one place on the Internet. We carry the major manufacturers of Mace, Fox brands, Streetwise, Sabre brand, Wildfire and Pepper Shot as well as others.

 Have you ever used pepper spray? Please share your experience. We want to hear from you. 

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