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What are the Most Popular Pepper Sprays for Women?

Since women are assaulted so many more times than men, nine times more often to be exact, and since pepper sprays are the most popular self-defense product in the world, it seems to make sense to tell you what the most popular pepper sprays are for women. Here are the most popular pepper sprays for women and the reasons why they are so popular. There may be others but in our opinion these are some of the best.

There is a self-defense system that provides three ways to protect you. The first is a very powerful pepper spray that is a trademark formulation. Then this system has an alarm and strobe lights. It comes with a variety of carrying aids that allow you to have it available by strapping it to your arm. When the pepper spray is released the alarm automatically sounds. The system has several unique features that keep the product firmly in your hand and face the weapon in the proper direction within a fraction of a second.

This product is so popular because so many women walk, jog or bicycle outdoors for exercise. It provides a convenient way to carry the product in an unobtrusive manner and gives you very fast access to it in split seconds.

And partially for the same reason, there is a dog repellent spray that is an effective protection device for walkers, joggers and cyclists or actually anyone who loves the outdoors. It is specially formulated for use against dogs. The spray contains 20 half second bursts that can go up to 10 to 12 feet away. Like all Mace brand products it comes with a flip top safety cap to prevent accidental discharge. This spray comes with a Velcro attachment so you can secure it to your clothing, bike or car.

Dog attacks continue to be a major problem for men and women who love to exercise outdoors by walking, jogging or cycling. Nearly 5,000,000 people are attacked every year with 1 million of them requiring hospitalization.

One of the most potent defensive sprays available anywhere is 5.3 million Scoville heat units. It contains 2 ounces of spray that can go up to 20 feet away with 18 half second bursts in a heavy stream pattern. It has a spring-loaded flip top to prevent accidental discharge. It is one of the few pepper sprays that is compatible with a taser device.

Pepper sprays provide women with an easy, inexpensive way to defend themselves against assaults, which is why this product is so popular.

The Fox Labs Police Pepper Spray is one of most potent defensive sprays with 5.3 million SHU’s.

The Tornado Defense System can protect you with a defensive spray, strobe lights and a loud alarm

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