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What are the Best Ways to Protect Your Kids Online?

No one knows for sure how many online predators there are, but we do know for sure that they are worth avoiding and worth setting up guidelines for your children to follow so they can avoid them as well.

For parents here are some ideas for the best ways to protect your kids online. They are not an all exclusive list but are a good place to start. As parents part of your responsibility is child safety to include Internet safety and protection from Internet predators.

First of all, make your children aware of the threat posed by the Internet and the anonymity that it presents for potential online dangers specifically about sexual predators and sex offenders. It may seem harmless but it is not.

Many new operating systems have parental control software built-in. They can help you limit what your children see online. Check to see if your computer has them.

If your family has a computer that’s connected to the Internet, make sure that it is in a common area of the house and never in a child’s bedroom or any space that can be closed off. Even then, sit with your child when they’re on the Internet to closely monitor what they’re doing.

Young children should avoid chat rooms-they are dangerous places. If they do use them, make sure that they are monitored and tell your kids to never leave the public area of a chat room. All chat rooms offer private areas, which is where real trouble can start with sex offenders.

Some of this information was obtained from the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation in their handbook, “A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety.”

Consider installing some software that can monitor sites visited and other information that will give you a clue as to what your child is doing online. There are several tools that can help.

One such tool allows you to install software using a USB port, remove it and leave. You can learn everything that occurs on a computer even when you’re miles away. It does key logging, screenshot capturing and identifies the programs that have been used. It can log all websites visited and covertly send you an e-mail with all the log information.

Another program allows you to monitor every website accessed and capture every sent or received e-mail. It also monitors chat rooms and every message sent or received. It can record every keystroke made on the computer, including passwords. For parents the best part is that it allows you to stop access to any websites and specific chat or instant message profiles you select. It also allows you to see all the programs that have been launched on the computer and sends you an activity report of all the data you select.

The Internet is an amazing tool and can open doors that would be otherwise unimaginable. But it is fraught with dangers of Internet predators. As parents, part of your responsibility is to ensure a safe environment for your children. Use the tools available to help you do this.

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