Voice Alert System-A Different Kind Of Home Security System

The voice alert system is a different kind of home security system called an “annunciator”because if there’s motion in a protected area it announces a pre-recorded message in the base unit located inside the home or business.

The system comes with one passive infrared transmitter that can protect a 40′ x 40′ area and transmit to a receiver 1000 feet away in open space and 300 feet away through walls. The system will support up to six of these transmitters.

For each zone in the Voice Alert System you record a separate message that can be 6 1/2 seconds long. When motion is detected in that area the message is played back inside the house on the base unit. The message could be “someone is in the pool area” or “someone is approaching in the driveway” just give you an idea of the possibilities. It is a very effective system that can be used for both home security and business security.

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