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Visitor Chimes-For Home Or Your Business

Almost every small retail store, and there are millions of them, has some kind of a visitor chime that announces customers who enter the store through the front door. The purpose is obvious; to allow a clerk or someone to do other things besides wait for somebody to walk in the front door.

One such model by Home Safe uses two units that, when plugged in, transmit an infrared beam up to sixty feet. When the beam is crossed a pleasant chime or loud alarm can go off. It can be used to announce a customer in the store or to alert the store owner when someone is in a restricted area.

One of the more popular models is the Mace Visitor Chime. It can function as a visitor chime by day or a security alarm at night. It has an ear piercing 105 dB alarm and is battery-operated so there’s no wiring needed. It comes with a programmable security keypad, mounting screws and hanging hardware. It uses a passive infrared sensor and is extremely effective.

Check out all of our other Visitor Chimes for home or your business.

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