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Three Types of Listening Devices That Enhance Your Capabilities

Especially as people get older their hearing starts to fade. In my case it was from listening to too much rock ‘n roll at elevated sound levels when I was a teenybopper. There other uses for augmented or enhanced listening devices besides hearing aids for seniors.

Private investigators or law enforcement personnel find augmented listening devices to be a critical part of their toolkit. Here are three new augmented listening devices to enhance your listening capabilities.

The first is a parabolic mic system that enables you to listen to a conversation with complete accuracy up to 300 yards away-that’s three football fields. It’s a powerful surveillance and investigative tool that uses a 20 inch diameter parabolic dish that snaps together combined with the most advanced audio circuitry available. This system also has recording and communication input jacks for great surveillance capabilities. The device can be mounted on a tripod if you’re going to be using it for any length of time and comes with a carrying case for discrete and easy transportation. It weighs only 1.5 pounds.

The second one is a parabolic sound amplifier that includes a powerful sound amplifier with headset and monocular that enables you to hear, watch and record from 100 yards away. It is perfect for law enforcement or private investigators doing long-distance stakeouts. It is a parabolic dish that amplifies sounds while the built-in monocular allows you to watch everything from a safe distance. Not only is this a great product for private investigators but also for nature lovers who want to watch and listen to animals in their natural habitat.

And the third product is a bionic ear booster. This product increases sound up to 40 dB by using an omni-directional microphone, solid-state amplifier and high fidelity earphones. When combined with the 12 inch parabolic bionic booster it becomes a highly directional tool allowing you to locate the source of sounds and suppress background noises. It is perfect for nature lovers who don’t want to spook the animals that they are watching. With the recorder output jack you can record sounds that you hear.

This is a great tool for search and rescue to help locate missing people or for nature lovers looking for a species they’ve never seen before. It can also be used for your own personal security, hunting or wildlife observations.

Any of these three tools can help improve your listening capabilities no mater what you are doing.

The Bionic Ear Booster enhances sounds by 40 db making locating people or wild life easier.

The Parabolic Mic System allows you to hear sounds as clear as a bell from 300 yards away.

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