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Three Pepper Spray Brands to Consider When Looking for a Self-Defense Product

In this article were going to review three of the lesser-known but yet very effective pepper sprays-Mace brand, Wildfire and Pepper Shot. You’re probably questioning why Mace brand is in this category. In our humble opinion, Mace brand has a well-recognized name, but when it comes to effectiveness and innovation the world has passed them by-just our opinion!

Pepper sprays continue to be the leading self-defense product in the United States and in the world for that matter. They are a favorite of women for female self-defense and for anyone who is looking for an inexpensive yet effective way to disable an assailant for as much as 45 minutes-longer than any other self-defense product.

They provide a nonlethal alternative to the deadly force of a handgun.

There are three brands of pepper sprays on the marketplace today that are about one tier above these three. They are Sabre, Fox Labs and Streetwise brands.

Oleoresin capsicum is the main ingredient in all defensive sprays. It is a “chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and even temporary blindness used in policing and personal self-defense including defense against bears and dogs.” It is this temporary blindness that allows police officers to apprehend and subdue suspects and civilians to escape a potentially dangerous situation.

Mace Brand

Mace, the chemical was invented in 1965. In 1987 the company was purchased by John Goodrich who then filed for a trademark for the name Mace.

One of their major innovations was pepper gel that was invented 2004. Pepper gel then had the longest range of any pepper spray and even to this day shoots further than 95% of all sprays.

Mace was the first company to introduce a bear pepper spray and a dog spray that has been universally recognized as one of the premier dog repellents. They introduced the UV marking dye as part of their triple action line of products that includes a teargas component too. They use foam, gel, spray and fogger as disbursement methods.

One of their most popular products is a pepper gun that uses replaceable cartridges and holds enough OC for seven shots of 25 feet each.

Wildfire brand defensive sprays are another American manufacturer. They offer a wide variety of products from a half ounce spray to a 1 pound pistol grip monster similar to the one used by “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” They are relatively inexpensive. Their main claim to fame is that they are an 18% concentration of oleoresin capsicum where normal pepper sprays are in the 10% range.

Pepper Shot brand is perhaps the least well known of the three we’re comparing today. They are inexpensive and have a very limited number of products.

Pepper Shot Spray is very effective and inexpensive too.

We have 40 models of Mace Defensive Sprays to choose from. One of the will be just what you are looking for.

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