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Three Devastating Shocking Batons

This blog post explores three of the most popular and most devastating shocking batons. Stun batons are some of the most popular variety of self-defense tools. They are popular because, generally, they are more utilitarian than regular stun weapons with more features.

A stun baton is also more popular because of the added reach that it affords users. A regular stun gun has to be physically applied to an assailant. This physical contact is a turnoff for many users who are mostly women, we should note. A stun baton allows an extra 7 to 21 inches, depending on model, for the stun portion of the baton. Because of the extended reach, many people use stun batons as a defense against dog attacks and dog bites.

  1. The most devastating and absolutely the most popular stun baton is this Diablo 4.5 million volt stun flashlight that uses concealed inner stun technology which places the electric probes within the outer layers of the device effectively hiding the probes so they cannot be seen. This makes the stun flashlight appear to be a regular flashlight because there are no shocking probes in view plus they cannot be broken off because they are hidden. The Diablo has a 160 lm ultra-bright tactical flashlight that uses an enhanced reflector system for optimum brightness. The body is made of type III aircraft grade aluminum alloy and is a shockproof, durable antiroll design. The bezel is a glass breaking tool and self-defense weapon in itself for striking. It is only 6.7 inches long and uses rechargeable batteries. It has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.
  2. Second on our list of the most popular and most devastating stun batons is this multifunction baton which can protect you in three ways. First it is a powerful 3,000,000 volt stun gun. Then it has a powerful bright flashlight. And finally it offers a 130 dB alarm which is the loudest alarm allowed. It is manufactured by Streetwise so you know it is a quality product and it has a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. At the press of a button it expands from 12 ½ inches to 21.25 inches giving you additional reach to ward off attackers both human and canine.
  3. And third on our list of the most devastating and most popular stun batons is this Zap brand 1,000,000 volt walking cane stun device which is a favorite for senior citizens many of whom use a cane anyhow. This cane is adjustable from 32 to 36 inches and can easily support weight up to 250 pounds. It also has a built-in LED flashlight and uses a rechargeable Ni – MH battery. It comes with a high quality nylon carrying case and AC adapter for easy battery recharge.

If you have any doubt on what type of baton is best for you you should check out our recent blog post on the subject.

 Have you ever used a stun baton for self-defense against a dog attack or human assailant? Please share your experience. We want to hear from you.

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