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The Value Of Practice For An Assault Situation-Safety Tip Of The Week

The Value Of Practice For An Assault Situation-Safety Tip Of The Week

Everyone who has an important task to do practices for it; from sports teams to children playing the piano; from emergency responders; to our armed forces; practice, as the expression goes, makes for perfect. It is no different when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Sometimes the difference in time in how you react to an assault situation can make the difference between life and death or at least severe trauma. If you react quickly it may confuse the assailant because usually he is not expecting any resistance.

Sue is walking to her car in a dark part of the parking lot. She hears footsteps behind her and is fearful. She reaches in her purse and pulls out her Small Fry pink stun gun. She flips the safety switch and presses the on button as she is turning around. By the time she has turned around to face the person he is 10 feet away but he sees the flying sparks and hears the intimidating sounds a charging stun gun can make. She yells “Back Off.” Fortunately for Sue he did.

The whole episode took 2 seconds but her fast reaction saved her from an uncertain fate.

She practiced using her stun gun until it became second nature. She did the same with her pepper spray. Fast reaction times make the difference and that only comes with PRACTICE.

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Feedback on these posts is welcomed. Have you ever practiced what you would do in an assault situation? Please share your experience. We want to hear your thoughts.

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