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The Top Three Affordable Self Defense Products

Women especially are concerned about their personal security and personal safety because they are the objects of violence much more so than men. For that reason, female self-defense is on the minds of women pretty regularly. But women, like men, are always concerned about costs of defending themselves.

Self-defense products do not have to be expensive. Many people think of tasers when they think of self-defense because they get so much publicity and indeed they are the most effective self-defense product, but they can be expensive for sure.

Here are the top three cheap self-defense products that can be used for female self-defense or anyone’s personal security and personal safety. They are all very effective in their own way for their own purposes. We will elaborate.

All self-defense products are meant to disable an attacker for a short period of time allowing you to get away and seek help or draw attention to your situation to enable others to assist you or scare away the assailant

First is a relatively new stun gun that features 7.5 million volts in a rechargeable device only 4 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide. It weighs 6 ounces and has a safety pin and safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. It also has a bright LED flashlight and features a slide out plug that allows for easy recharging. It sells for $14.95.

A stun device can disable an assailant for 5 to 10 minutes by overloading the muscular system depleting the body of blood sugars needed for energy.

The second one is a pepper spray that’s on a keychain. It has the equivalent of 4 million Scoville heat units making it 46% hotter than competing brands. It has enough spray for 7 to 9 one second shots up to 7 feet away. It has a 48 month shelf life which is longer than most pepper sprays. This spray sells for $4.95.

A pepper spray can disable an assailant for up to 45 minutes by causing extreme pain and excessive tearing of the eyes and can make breathing very difficult.

The third cheap self-defense product sells for $8.95. It is a panic alarm that has a flashlight. When it’s activated it sounds a 120 dB alarm. It has a keychain attachment so it can be with you at all times. It is only 2.5″ x 1.5″ and is battery operated.

A panic alarm can draw attention to your situation and bring others to your aid or scare away a potential attacker.

Those are three cheap self-defense products that can help you out of an emergency. They are great for personal security and personal safety and are especially popular for female self-defense.

The Streetwise Keychain Defensive Spray is 46% stronger than the competition and sells for $4.95

This powerful 7.5 million volt Mini Stun Gun sells for $14.95.

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