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The Top Five Things Burglars Don’t Want You To Do

If you don’t think that burglary is a threat to your family and your home, then you need a reality check. Burglary is the easiest crime to commit in United States. Most of them are done by first or second time offenders who are out looking for easy money so they can buy drugs.

One out of every six homes annually will be burglarized with close to $2,200 in stolen property and another $2,200 or so in damage to the house.

The reason it is so easy to commit is because homeowners make it so by not taking precautions and not using common sense. As an example, close to 60% of all burglaries happen through unlocked doors and windows. How dumb is that? If homeowners would just keep their doors and windows locked even when they’re at home they would be way ahead of the game and might possibly prevent a burglary at their house.

If you ever had a chance to sit down with a professional burglar and talk to him about the business that he was in-robbing your home-what would he say about the things that would deter him from picking your home as a target?

More than likely you will never have that opportunity, but through written interviews with professional burglars we have seen, here is what they say are the top things that they don’t want homeowners to do. In this article we will discuss those top five things so you can determine if they are applicable to you and take appropriate steps to improve the security of your home with some home security products such as window alarms and security cameras.

Before you read the rest of this article you should check out another article entitled ‘Six Little Known Secrets About Burglary/Home Security You Should Know’ for more information about how burglars operate.

It is hard to say what would be first on the list. There are three things that might be tied for first. The first would be don’t have a dog. Burglars do not like dogs and do everything they can to avoid dogs. The sound of a barking dog does more to scare a burglar away, according to local police officials, than any other factor.

Sometimes just a sign in your front yard that warns of a vicious guard dog is enough. And not everybody wants a dog so you might consider getting a motion sensor alarm that protects an area with the sound of a barking dog.

The Electronic Watchdog or as some call it, the barking dog alarm, is one of the most effective motion detector alarms available.

The second thing on the list are cameras. Burglars don’t want you to have security cameras around your home. Law enforcement officials will tell you that if you have video footage of a burglar breaking into your house, they have a much better chance of catching him and a much better chance of getting any property that was stolen returned. In the Sherwood Forest section of Sayreville, N.J. last month a home Surveillance Camera caught a man suspected of burglarizing a house.

The Police posted the pictures on their Facebook page asking for help in identifying the suspect. Private citizens who have security cameras have formed a unique partnership with the Police Department in utilizing camera footage to catch burglars. It is one reason why burglary rates are on the decline.

Our article entitled ‘Fighting “Perps” with Twitter and Facebook’ describes this phenomenon in greater detail. We note in that piece “Law enforcement agencies are beginning to not only use social media to catch crooks, but also to change their ways of policing worldwide in response to society behavior. Lee made the point that instead of calling 911 to report a crime people use their technology gadgets such as smart phones to take pictures or video of what they are seeing and “tweet” it to their friends or post it on their Facebook page.”

In case you don’t want to spend the money for real security cameras, we have 46 Fake Security Cameras to choose from. Any one of them can fool even the sharpest burglar.

Third on the list is hiding places. Burglars do 95% of their work in the daytime so they need places to hide to conceal their whereabouts from nosy neighbors. So whatever you do, don’t remove shrubbery around lower-level doors and windows.

And fourth on the list is burglars don’t like noise, so don’t put any noisy alarms such as this 110 db alarm on your windows and doors. The window alarm noise scares burglars and alerts nearby neighbors that there’s trouble going on in the house. In New Jersey recently, a multi-jurisdictional task force caught and arrested two suspects who were thought to be involved in burglarizing dozens of homes in the northern New Jersey area. They were eventually caught red-handed when a Burglar Alarm scared them away from a home

And since burglars only spend an average of 8-10 minutes inside a house they want things that are easy to find. So whatever you do, don’t hide valuables in diversion safes. Those are ordinary looking household items with hollowed out interiors that can hide small treasures such as jewelry, cash and credit cards. &We have 68 Diversion Safes to choose from at our online store.

Those are five things crooks don’t want homeowners to do that will make a burglar’s job much easier. Now that you know what they are, you can crank up your home security by doing them and possibly avoiding a home burglary.

 How helpful are you in making the burglar’s job easy? Do you do any of these five things? We want to hear from you.

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