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The Results Are In, Smoke Alarms Save Lives!

The Results Are In, Smoke Alarms Save Lives!

Occasionally we do stories about folks who have been saved by smoke alarms not only because we want to raise awareness about the importance of fire alarms in your home but also because the stories make for must reading. This month’s article about smoke detectors saving lives is no exception to that.

The first story comes to us from Colerain Township, Ohio where officials are crediting newly installed fire alarms with alerting the occupants of a residence and saving their lives. Two adult occupants and a dog were asleep when they were awakened by two smoke alarms that had just been installed two months ago by a neighborhood smoke alarm canvas sponsored by the local fire-EMS group in conjunction with the Cincinnati chapter of the American Red Cross. Preliminary estimates are $80,000 in damage but no loss of life.

Officials in Mobile, Alabama give credit to a working smoke alarm for saving four lives in an overnight fire. Apparently the cause was a discarded cigarette inside a plastic cigarette container. The four managed to make it outside safely before fire crews arrived.

In Bristol, Connecticut the local fire Marshal said that a smoke detector may have been the only thing that saved three adults from a fire that started in the basement. The fire marshal noted that everybody should have smoke detectors in their home on every floor and inside every bedroom.

In Grayslake, Illinois the local fire protection District is reminding residents to check their fire alarms. The devices were credited with alerting residents in two early morning house fires. In both cases the residents were asleep but were able to get out safely because of their smoke detectors. Officials say they should be checked monthly to make sure they are in working order.

In Omaha, Nebraska a home was completely destroyed by fire but fortunately a teenager heard the beeping of the smoke alarm and awakened everyone else. Approximately $60,000 in damage was done, but the family is safe and staying with another family member.

This story comes to us from Salt Lake City, Utah where the Red Cross chapter and volunteers from FedEx and State Farm Insurance are working together installing a record number of smoke alarms across the country as part of “The Home Fire Campaign” which hopes to reduce the number of deaths by house fire by 25%.

What can you contribute to this valuable and important discussion? We want to hear from you so chime in with your story!

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