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The Most Effective Home Security Products for Under $100

If you are one of the 100 hundred million or so homeowners in the United States who have an average of $200,000 invested in their property and another $100,000 in landscaping, furnishings and equipment you are painfully aware of the prize that awaits home burglars. It is just a fact that annually one out of every six homes will be burglarized.

A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States and the value of goods stolen in burglaries is a little over $1700 with another $1600 in damage done to the house. That’s an expensive proposition and it doesn’t even measure the psychological damage done to the homeowners, which is substantial.

So what are homeowners to do? There are thousands of home security products and home security gadgets on the market today all designed to improve your home security. But especially for new homeowners, who are inundated with opportunities to buy things for their home, cost is definitely a factor. But if you could get a home security product to protect your home for under $100, would you?

Just about everybody knows how effective a watchdog is. SWAT and military units around the world have trained dogs as part of their elite teams. A barking, growling dog presents an intimidating obstacle to anyone trying to enter a house. Think back to any time in your life when you were confronted by a barking, growling dog. If the hairs on the back your neck don’t stand up just at the thought of it, there is something wrong.

A police officer was once asked the best way to prevent home burglary. His answer-get a dog. We are not suggesting that you go get a dog, but as a viable alternative you can get the sounds of an angry, growling, barking dog with the Barking Dog Alarm or as some people call it the electronic watchdog. It is one of the most effective security alarms at any price.

Once it is plugged in it protects out to 20 feet in an area of a 100 degree arc. When someone enters that protected zone, the sound of a dog barking starts. The sensitivity and volume are both adjustable on this security alarm. An additional sensor is available to cover an even bigger area.

The barking dog alarm may be the most cost-effective home security product under one hundred dollars in the world.

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